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From the Prime Bishop



What the Council of Churches in East Asia (CCEA) can become: an observation


(Presented by Prime Bishop Edward Malecdan of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines in the October 2010 CCEA Bishops’ Meeting in Hongkong, China)






I was asked by Archbishop John Chew to share my Province’s view on the Anglican Communion’s Covenant Agreement in this meeting. I am very sorry that I have to distress from the given assignment which makes this presentation quite different from the other Covenant sharing. I apologize.

As we already know, the Council of Churches in East Asia is basically a :fellowship.” We are here at this time for the bishop’s meeting. We also come together triennially as Full Assembly with our spouses and 2 other representatives from our dioceses-one lay, one clergy. We bring our dioceses and provinces with us to our meetings wherever it is held and discuss and share our joys and sorrows in the ministry, and learn from the experiences of each one, especially with the host country or diocese. in brief and as what our Chairman said in his letter to us on September 28, 2010 we “mutually encourage and edify one another through our fellowship and various activities.”


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